The 377 Honors the Men and Women Who've Served America's Armed Forces and Public Safety.

Our Beers

Mexican Lager

A crisp pale lager without the strong flavors. Well balanced & highly carbonated. Refreshing and thirst quenching. Corn adjuncts along with the use of Pilsner base malt can give this beer a slightly grainy quality. Low hop aroma. ABV. 4.8% IBU 23

Pale Ale

A testimony to the Cascade hops. A medium to light-bodied pale ale with refreshing citrus notes and a distinct floral hop aroma do to aggressive dry hop additions. Perfect to enjoy anytime. ABV. 5.3% IBU 44

English Best Bitter

A malty sweetness balanced by a crisp finish from a unique combination of pacific NW hops and English Kent Goldings. Complex with subtle battering. ABV. 5.9% IBU 24


A clean light straw colored ale much like a lager. German Noble hops accentuate the lager-like qualities. Great mild weather beer. ABV. 5% IBU 34

American Amber Ale

A sweeter, maltier beer than the pale ale. This beer is medium bodied with a spicy floral finish. ABV. 5% IBU 34


This big, complex beer has a dry finish with lingering hop flavors. 10 different hops in all, layered to give that California pine forest, citrus & tropical fruit aroma. ABV. 7% IBU 100+

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Black IPA

This beer proves our devotion to the IPA. Using the specialty malt Midnight Wheat gives this beer a stout-like appearance without overly roast attributes. Only 2 American hops create this fruity, earthy & spicy bitterness. ABV. 6.5% IBU 93


A robust porter style beer equally fruit & chocolate up front with balanced hops & toffee flavors to finish. A mouthful yet very drinkable. ABV. 6.3% IBU 50


This stout is inspired by the English version hopped with East Kent Goldings & using English style yeast. ABV. 6.3% IBU 34

Latest News

Apr 7, 2016

These days, it seems a new brewery or taproom opens in Albuquerque every week. Here at Albuquerque Business First, we can't cover all of them. But this new brewery under construction, called The 377, is unique for several reasons.